The Reiki Principles
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The Reiki Principles


Just for today............................


Do not anger


Do not worry


Work hard


Be kind


Be grateful



These principles were introduced by Dr. Usui  for his  own students who were learning his Secret Art of Inviting Many Blessings  (Reiki)  They are taken from the works of the Meiji Emperor who was a hero of Mikao Usui and considered to by a very wise man in his day.  (Also in Japan the Emperors were thought to be Divine beings, so that anything they said would have been very important indeed) 


These Reiki Principles are the very heart of Reiki.  The intention of

Dr. Usui, in introducing these into his teachings was to instil mindfulness in his students and to show us how to encourage positivity and discourage negativity in our lives.  In practising the precepts, you are

encouraged to pay attention to now which is a Buddhist notion, and

still not fully accepted or understood in the West.  The idea that all suffering comes

from attachment and that to detach from unnecessary emotional

negativity and events in the mundane world is common to all Buddhist sects.  Paying attention to the precepts helps you not only to gain insight into your own

motivations and behaviours, but can also help you be rid of aspects

of your own behaviour or expectations that are unhelpful to your

own growth and maturation.


Some people have interpreted the precepts as orders, and try to apply them rigidly in their daily lives.  Not a good idea!  For instance, Do not anger?  What never?  You would end up with at least an ulcer, if not worse, by trying to repress natural and justified anger.  The principles remind us to pay attention to ourselves, and that if we DO feel angry..... to think of what it is that we are angry about.  Is it justified?  If yes, then the energy of the anger can be used to resolve the situation  - not by punching someone out! But by leaving the scene, or if necessary removing the other person from the site of the disagreement (no not kicking them... telling them to leave!)   Mother Theresa said that it was because of the anger she felt that she HAD to do something about the poverty in India.  If she hadnt felt her anger and realised what she was angry about a great many people would in much worse conditions today.  This is an example of how the energy of constructive anger can lead to positive developments in our own and other people's lives. 


There is another meaning to the precept Do not anger that isnt

quite so well known in Reiki circles:  The idea of not doing anything

to anger anyone else.  Japanese kanji and the ideas that they express

can quite often be read in a number of ways.  The character for anger

in this case is also a transitive verb, which gives a dual meaning to

that particular statement.  It also makes a lot more sense than just

ordering yourself not to be angry.  Weve all met the passive-aggressive

who can engender anger in others.  Do not try to anger others, covers

that pretty well!


Do not Worry.... means really that worry in and of itself is a pretty useless occupation.  If worry ever solved anything wed be teaching how to do it in universities!   Is something worrying you?  Yes... then look for the solution.  If you cannot solve the problem, then you need to find a way to live with it.  There is no choice.   Just worrying isnt going to make a difference.  And it only drains your energy.  And in the Buddhist way of thinking, this life is an illusion anyway. Why worry about something that isnt real?  It may feel real, but all things pass and things too have a way of working out exactly as they should if you let them. Do not worry: is teaching you to have faith.  If you understand that the spirit is eternal - then nothing can harm you ever.  So why worry!



Work Hard?


This one doesnt mean you have to run out and dig ditches.  Except if you want to  Dr. Usui meant this as encouragement to work on yourself.  Spiritual work, remember the principles, do your Reiki, meditate, and improve yourself!

In improving your own self, you also add improvements to the whole world.


Be Kind?


Self explanatory I think?  BUT it means also be kind to YOURSELF!!

How much better would it be to give out the energy of kindness to everyone you meet?


Be grateful?


Live with the attitude of gratitude.


Whatever you focus on you will get.  If you focus on lack, lack is what you will find.  If you trust in the benevolence of the Universe and that you will always be taken care of...... thats what you will get too!  Be grateful for everything, EVEN those hardships or difficulties that everyone has to endure.  It is during those times that we are strengthened. No-one (sadly!) ever learned anything through softship

Hardship is the only one that does the job.  And we can all, given the perspective of time, look back at that particular injury, insult, or rejection, and see that if that hadnt happened, we wouldnt be doing this now.  I promise!  Blessings quite often come in disguise - so the next challenge that comes along?  Be grateful - you will learn something from it and be strengthened by it.  Which helps you be even more ready for the challenge after that!


Reiki IS the Principles.  Even without ever being attuned to Reiki, if you practice the Reiki Principles in your daily life - you are more than halfway there!











IF Reiki is always there, and IF we are connected already, then why would we need to work at any kind of spiritual path to reach a place that we are already in?
Good question.  I hope I can answer it!
We ARE already there, there is nowhere to strive for, there is NO need to try to perfect ourselves, we are perfect already.  But we don't know that.  Not REALLY know it!  We do not truly know it for many reasons, our conditioning, our culture, our upbringing, our religious beliefs, any one of a number of things has blinded us to our true nature.  Applying the spiritual methods of the system of Reiki will help to open your eyes to your true self.  Reiki can help you peel away the old layers of conditioning that lead you to think that you are separate from the Source of all that is.  The work is in awakening your sleeping self - not in climbing mountains to find Nirvana.  We are already in the Light, we are already THERE - we just don't know it yet!