Self Healing with Reiki
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As soon as you have had your first Reiki attunement it will benefit you to develop your own Reiki routines.  Somewhere in your day you need to find time for Reiki self treatments and meditation.  These are NOT optional!  There is no point in becoming Reiki if you are not going to follow the path!


The ideal is to carry out full self treatments daily.  Realistically, most people dont have a full 90 minutes (ish) to do this every single day.  Everyone does have  5 or 10 minutes at various times throughout the day when you can place your hands on yourself and let Reiki flow.  Do this as often as you can, whenever you think about it, itll soon become second nature to you.


There are various pictures of drawings and hand positions for self treating with Reiki on the internet.  Looking for these is good exercise for you!  Youll also find various Reiki sites, with very different ideas from GRR, and from each other.  Dont get too caught up in the varying opinions at this stage in your Reiki journey get comfortable with your own basic practises first so that when you do come across differing ideas and arguments about how Reiki should be done you have the confidence that comes with practise, and not feel you have to learn every single variation that you read about.  Use those that resonate with you and dont feel obliged to put everything you read into your daily routine.  There wouldnt be enough hours in the day!


In actual fact, where you place your hands doesnt matter.  Reiki flows to where it is needed, so that if you placed your hands on your head, and Reiki was needed by your feet thats where it would go. 


When you first start to do hands on Reiki, sensations vary from person to person.  Some people feel heat, or cold, or tingling, or prickling, or pressure, or a combination of all of these, depending on where the hands are placed, or none of these at all.  Its been said that people who are extremely sensitive to pain will experience stronger sensations than those who are not so sensitive, there may be some truth in that, although no-one knows for sure. 


If you do feel the Reiki flowing, you will notice that it starts slowly, builds to a peak, then tails off again.  When it tails off, it is time to move your hands to another position if you want to.  Of course, you dont have to move them at all, you can sit with your hands in one place for as long as you like.  If you do want to try out different hand placements then just move them when the Reiki tails off, or if you dont feel anything strongly yet, move them after about 5 minutes, or whenever you feel like moving them.


You can use the pictures below as a guide for self treatment - Please remember these are SUGGESTED hand positions only, use your intuition - it knows best!