Sending Distant Reiki
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Sending Remote Reiki


In hands on Reiki training classes, students are usually made to wait a period of time before learning how to send distant treatments.  Today the reasons for this are not clear and vary from teacher to teacher, most of them passing on what they were taught to their own students.  In Dr. Usuis time it seems that his students, who would meet on a regular basis to practice their Self Mastery with Reiki would only embark on sending distant healings when they were familiar enough with the energy to be able to connect with the distant frequency easily.  According to the recent research (and there are many versions of these) Dr Usuis students did not use any symbols to do this.  The meditations that they did, and the practice they did with Dr Usui enabled them to become the energy, which allowed them to access whatever it was that was necessary without having to use external tools to do this.  The story goes that a few students (believed to be colleagues of Dr Hayashi) had difficulty in feeling, or sensing, the energy, and for these few students Dr. Usui devised a method which allowed them to more easily focus on the frequencies needed.  This method was to give them symbols to focus on, which are now seen to be sacred and sometimes even secret, in some quarters in the West today. 


These symbols are known now to have been well known religious symbols in the east, and not, as we were all once told, specific Reiki symbols revealed only to Dr. Usui.  The symbols that came to be known in the west as Usui Reiki symbols can be seen in many places in the eastern world, and are familiar to many Buddhist sects.  


The symbols themselves were apparently never meant to be used in the long-term but were more in the lines of a teaching aid that was supposed to be dropped once the student no longer needed it.  Unfortunately the 4  symbols (and many more since!) are now seen to be powerful in themselves by many schools of Reiki, and the idea that the more symbols you learn, the more powerful you are is now firmly entrenched in many Reikiminds today. 


We will point you to the symbols so that you can see them for yourself (if you havent already)  You can decide for yourself whether you want to use them or not.  Some people find them an encumbrance, and feel that the time taken to draw out the symbols and learn how to say the names is just another time wasting exercise.   Others quite like the security of having a point of focus to use until that time comes  when you realise that you have been sending distant Reiki without using them at all.  Students who learned in traditional Reiki classes tend not to advertise this fact among colleagues! They think they might be seen as lazy or not doing Reiki properly, when in fact this is more properly called evolution!   Whichever way you choose to send distant Reiki, with or without symbols, it will work so feel free to experiment and choose the way that feels best to you. 



Simplest  Method of Sending Distant Reiki:
Write the name and location of the person/persons that you want to send Reiki to on a piece of paper, hold the paper between your hands and 'intend' that Reiki is sent to each person for their highest good.  Continue to send Reiki for 20 mins or longer (whatever feels right to you) then disconnect the sending ( you can just imagine the flow stopping, or you can imagine scissors 'cutting' the connection, anything that feels like disconnecting to you.  Thats it!
Individual Method Using Surrogate
This Surrogate method is the one most commonly taught as a 'Reiki' technique in classes.  Usually a teddy bear is used as a surrogate to take the place of the person you have arranged to send the distant Reiki to.
Simply 'intend' that your teddy IS the person that you are sending Reiki to.  Do a full body Reiki treatment as you would on a real person using the bear ( because of the size, quite often you will cover more than one set of hand positions at a time)  When you have completed the full treatment - visualise handing the bear to your Reiki recipient, or imagine that the bear 'turns into' that person and is drawing in all the Reiki you have channelled during the surrogate treatment.  Cut the connection between you when you are finished and that's it!
Because you can only do one Reiki session at a time using a surrogate most people use this method while learning how to send distant Reiki - then go on to use a list as the most effective way of sending multiple healings at the same time.  For some reason (no-one knows for sure why) Reiki sent to many people at the same time is felt by those sensitive to the energy as being stronger than Reiki sent to one person at a time. 
These are only two of the many methods available to you when attuned to Reiki - an even simpler one is to picture the person in your minds eye and visualise Reiki surrounding them.  This method is ideal for those times when you are caught on the hop and asked to send Reiki when there is no place or no time to sit down to do it.  Once you are attuned to Reiki ANY method you use will work!

The use of symbols to send Reiki was commonplace in the 80's and 90's in 'traditional' Reiki teachings, when it was thought that Dr Usui received these symbols during his experiences on Mt Kuryama.   It is known now that the symbols are used in many eastern traditions, and can be seen in many places of spiritual or religious significance
all over the Eastern World.
Anyone, no matter what level of Reiki they have been attuned to, or how much experience they do or do not have in Reiki can send distant healing to any place and
any situation there is.  The important thing is INTENT.  If you intend to send healing - then you can.
The question of permission is also a controversial one in Reiki circles.  This is something you must work out for yourself.  One the one hand there are those who say you never send without permission, and at the other extreme are those who say that you always send whether you have permission or not.
If someone does not want Reiki, that is their right.  If you send Reiki in that case, you are attempting to interfere with someone's free will.  The Reiki will not be received, and you will have been wasting your time.  Is there any chance of adding to your own karmic burden by trying to force your own will on another person?  I cannot answer that for you - you need to decide for yourself.
If someone has asked for Reiki, then there is no problem, and you can go ahead and send.  Sometimes you will be surprised to discover that the Reiki is not being received.  Go figure!  I cannot explain the reason for this either, other than to speculate that it was not the right time or place to send.  Most of the time though, the Reiki will flow because it was needed and wanted.
There are other situations when you are not able to gain permission, if the person is in a coma perhaps, or you are told of a situation some distance away and are unable to ascertain whether that person would be open to receiving Reiki from you.  In certain cases, it is reasonable to assume that Reiki would be welcomed.  For instance, if it was a friend or relative who has asked you for Reiki in the past, or who practices Reiki themselves - you might send Reiki to them with the proviso "if it is in order that XXXXX receive Reiki"  or words to that effect.
In the situation of an earthquake or similar world tragedy, many people send Reiki as soon as they hear about it.  In this case you are not interfering with anyone's individual free will, rather you are sending to the 'situation' and not a single person. 
You will hear diametrically opposed views on the ethical question of sending with and without permission.  Please think about why you would wish to send Reiki that is not wanted - and make up your own mind.