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Self attuning to Reiki is extremely effective, and VERY simple.
In this 21st century - there is absolutely no need to have to look for
someone else to empower you into the way of Reiki.  Dr Usui was not attuned
by anyone else, and thanks to the work and experimentation of many Free Reiki
groups we now know that self attunement is just as powerful as any other kind of attunement method.
Please try the method below and see for yourself!

The basic steps are:

Sit in Gassho position (hands in prayer position in front of you)

"Intend" to receive a full Reiki attunement

Firstly - imagine that you have roots growing out of your feet and going down into the earth below you and grounding and earthing your entire body.

When you are ready, visualise (imagine) white light entering the crown of your head and filling the whole of your body from top to toe.  See it entering each one of your chakras in turn, filling, cleansing, balancing and harmonising each one.  Visualise the white light filling your arms and the whole of your hands then coming out of the palms of your hands and filling the whole world!

Sit for as long as you like, before drawing your 'roots' up from the earth and bringing yourself back into the present, now fully attuned to Reiki.

You can dress this simple method up in any way that feels right to you.  You can ask your Reiki guides, or angels, or ascended Masters to be present during your attunement (whatever feels right and fits with your religion or belief system)  You can play music, light candles, burn incense, whatever you like.

This method is as effective as hands on attunements by a 'qualified' Reiki teacher, and as effective as distant attunements, or any other attunement method that there is.  Reiki is no longer confined to only those who can pay for it, or only those who can travel to find someone willing to attune them, or to only those who ask for the attunement from another person. Reiki is our birthright, and as such anyone who wants to be attuned can be, no matter what method they use.

GRR Self Attunement Method is copyright of GRR.  Please feel free to share it in its entirety with anyone who will benefit from using it. If you change anything from the necessary steps given before the words "You can dress this up......."  then please remember that you are now using your own method and not ours!


Receiving the Mass Attunement from the GrassRootsReiki Group.
At GRR we send out a Mass Attunement  each Monday evening at 9.00pm your own local time.  This attunement is intended to reach anyone who intends to receive it, and is completely effective too, just like any other attunement method!
All you need to do is to sit quietly and/or meditate at just before 9.00pm any Monday evening with the intention of being fully attuned into Reiki.   The attunement takes approximately 10/15 minutes during which period you may feel slight sensations like energy moving in or around you, you may 'see' faint lights, or 'hear' faint sounds, or you may feel nothing at all.  Reactions to attunements vary from person to person, and are no indicator of the 'strength' of the attunement.  There is no such thing as a 'strong' attunement!
Once you have received this attunement you are now fully empowered to all aspects of the energy and can now start practising Reiki!
Once you have been attuned it is now up to you to bring Reiki into your daily life.
The first step is to become familiar with and practice the Reiki Principles.  These are the central core of Reiki and without these Reiki is no more than another 'alternative therapy'  On the page The Reiki Principles we give a fuller explanation of the Principles and why they are so important to Self Empowerment with Reiki.
Next you must incorporate meditation into your life on a daily basis.  The Gassho meditation (see Meditation Page) is suggested for beginners to meditating, because of the simplicity of learning and ease in which you can carry out this meditation.  Once you are comfortable with the Gassho meditation you can try the Hatsurei-Ho meditation which is said to have been the method that was used by Dr. Usui and his own students.  Hatsurei-Ho is also a very simple and very effective Reiki meditation, and is key to deepening your connection and ability to channel the energy.
Self healing is also a very good way to bring Reiki into your life and make manifest its benefits on the physical body.   We have provided one set of suggested hand positions on the "Self Healing with Reiki" page.  Remember that these are only SUGGESTIONS.  There is no right or wrong way to lay hands on yourself.  It might be useful at first, to carry out the hand positions as we have shown you, until you are confident enough use Reiki intuitively.  
As has already been said, Reiki is a method of Self Mastery, and at GRR we promote the use of Reiki for self over all other ideas about Reiki.  This does mean however, that we do not want people to refuse to give Reiki to anyone else!  Far from it!  Use Reiki on your family members, your friends, even your pets, and in any way that you would like to use it.   Please though, do encourage your friends and relations to learn Reiki for themselves - that way they will incur the full benefit of this simple and profound spiritual energy.  If necessary you can place people on your distant healing list (more about this on the Distant Healing with Reiki page) as backup if they need it while they are ill, and certainly does not preclude you all getting together and sharing hands-on Reiki whenever you can.

Individual Attunements
GRR still makes available individual attunements to those people who do not quite trust that self attunement or receiving the Mass attunement.   To request an individual attunement you need to join the GrassrootsReiki Yahoo group on and make your request by following the instructions in the Files section on the group home page.
No certificates are available.

GrassrootsReiki attunements are FULL attunements (this means all levels at the same time) to Western Style Reiki.  This means the Reiki system that was introduced to the West by Mrs Takata that was originally called Usui Reiki.  Now that we know that it was not original Usui Reiki but a variation styled by firstly Dr. Hayashi, and then Mrs Takata, the name Usui Reiki is not often used by Western Reiki practitioners, apart from those factions that claim to be 'traditional'  At this point no-one knows exactly what Dr Usui's complete teachings were, so at GRR we just call our attunements Reiki to avoid confusion!  
The idea of having a full attunement also causes some consternation in 'traditional' Reiki circles, with the notion of 'too strong' attunements being the core of their opposition.  In actual fact Dr. Usui, when teaching his original students, would fully empower each student using his own Reiju empowerment ( again this method is not known to anyone outside of Japan)  The levels that his students passed through were not named because he only empowered them to a certain part of the energy in early stages, but were named by him as the stages that each student would pass through and attain by practice, meditation, and familiarity with the energy we call Reiki.   In Dr. Usui's teaching classes, no part of the energy was withheld from students, and as he did not use symbols, there was no need for symbols to be hidden from anyone no matter what stage of learning and experience they had reached.
At GRR we have carried out the full empowerments for a number of years now with total success.  We do not believe that withholding teaching or the ability to access any part of Reiki energy is in keeping with the spirit of Reiki as Dr. Usui envisaged it.