Can Reiki REALLY be learned on the internet?
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The practice of Reiki requires that you learn a few simple basics.
1. The Reiki Principles
2. Reiki Meditation
3. Hands on Healing for self and others
4. Distant Healing method(s)
5. How to carry out an attunement for someone else

Learning Reiki is probably the simplest method of spiritual growth and empowerment that there is.  Little children can do Reiki with only minimal instruction - why would anyone think that you cannot learn Reiki by reading the instructions, asking whichever questions you need to ask, and practising, either on your own, or with friends who are learning too?
Our attunements (and those of many other free Reiki teachers and groups) are completely free, so is our teaching, and followup support.  The only difference between
online learning is that you do not have an opportunity to spend an afternoon in class giving and receiving a Reiki treatment.  This is easily remedied at home, in your own time, at your own pace, and is felt by many to be an improvement on the limited time that is available in many Reiki classes.  You are not limited by opening and closing hours in your own home, neither do you have to pack up and leave before you  are ready because the venue is closing at 5.00pm.   Since beginners Reiki teaching generally concentrate on self healing - it's the self treatment that is important.  You can find diagrams of hand positions in many places on the internet.  Once you have been attuned by whichever method you prefer, you are free to choose whichever set of treatment positions you prefer and take as long, or as short, as you like in starting off your own self healing.
GrassrootsReiki has a beginners group attached to the main teaching and discussion group where Reiki lessons are posted in numerical order from starting off all the way to how to attune others.  Many have used these lessons and feedback so far has been very positive, especially from people who learned Reiki in a one or two day class, and didn't have time to understand or absorb all that was said!   They find that re-doing the beginning levels in our teaching group has given them another perspective on what they were taught as well as allowing them to practice the methods without having to rush through them.  
You may see warnings on some commercial Reiki sites about the 'dangers' of practising Reiki on your own.  Let this sink in...THERE ARE NONE!   Use your own intuition about who is working with integrity and who is not.  If someone tries to scare you - that is not a sign of a person who cares about spreading Reiki.  It is the sign of a person who has $$$$$$$$$$$$$'s of reasons for trying to put you off learning elsewhere!

Since Free distant learning started to blossom all over the world thanks to the invention
of the Internet, many people have tried to dissuade students who wish to learn the discipline by making vague statements about 'proper training' 'the right master' 'experience necessary' and other types of veiled warnings about the 'dangers' of learning outside a hands on class.  This is not only untrue but quite sad in it's way.
To try to prevent people from bringing Reiki into their lives by creating fear is not only against the basic principles that Reiki is based on, but is against all teachings from any of the world religions.  LOVE one another, is the bottom line.  Telling people that they should not have Reiki is no kind of love.
When you are ready to start sending distant Reiki you can find out how to do this from the many Reiki manuals published on the Internet.  There is no one way that is better than another for doing this, choose one method that you would like to try and just follow the instructions!  It helps to build your confidence at first if you have a partner to pair up with.  You can arrange a mutual time to send distant Reiki and then your partner will let you know how they felt, what they felt etc., and you can also relay to your partner anything that you felt while you were sending to them.  GrassrootsReiki provides a database of names and addresses of people who would like to be paired up with someone else for distant sending practice, as do many other Reiki groups and online teachers.  So - no lack there!
Many hands on teachers are now asking for case studies to be completed and handed in before 2nd Degree certificates are issued.  GrassrootsReiki, along with many other teaching groups recognises the difficulty that this can cause for many people who live in isolated areas, or are new in town and don't know that many people yet, or who don't actually want to invade people's private affairs just to write up a case history about them.  We do not feel that making people hand in case histories is necessary for learning, what is after all a Self Empowering discipline, first and foremost.  If students are learning a straight forward alternative therapy like Aromatherapy or Reflexology and are planning to earn a living treating patients, then homework should certainly be done to ensure that they are not going to harm any potential clients.  Reiki can be done by small children, it NEVER causes harm to anyone, it can be carried out by anyone with a little instruction, making case studies an unnecessary addition to the costs and time that a hands on Reiki class takes.  People are also now failing Reiki classes after paying their course fee, because they couldn't find the requisite number of people to write up case studies about! 
Learning online does away with the type of controls that some place on their own teachings.  You do not need to hand in homework, you are not obliged to ask your teacher for permission to learn elsewhere if you want to, and you do not take on board any dogmatic views that someone else may hold as 'fact' - you are free to check out all sites, read all kinds of views, and only adhere to those that fit with your own belief system and moral views.

Dr Usui envisioned that Reiki would be available to anyone who wanted to learn it.
Free Reiki groups are helping to make that vision concrete.