Which Reiki?
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Since Reiki was introduced to the West by Mrs Takata, and especially since the late 1980's after her death, new Reiki styles have sprung up all over the place.  Some of these are obvious variations on Mrs Takata's teachings, some differ a great deal in their use and symbols, and others not only bear no real resemblance to Mrs Takata's Reiki they also have no instructions for using them, and no real way to know what on earth they are supposed to be!
This confusion caused by the proliferation (and growing at a rate of knots) of new Reiki styles makes it difficult for anyone, particularly new students, to understand and decide which Reiki they would like to practice.
Firstly - ALL Reiki in the west comes from Mrs Takata's teachings.  Most 'new' Reiki styles require you to be at level 3 in ordinary Reiki before you go on to learn them.  There are one or two who don't ask for this, but the vast majority of them do.  
Most people start off by learning regular Western Reiki.   This is complete in itself and comprises of all the components you need to practice Reiki for life.   If you are attuned using the Reiju method - you are not attuned to particular symbols, but are instead connected to the entire spectrum of the energy that we know as Reiki.   Common sense tells you that there is no need for any further attunements to any other symbols, no matter what claims are made about them.  
Once you have been attuned to Reiki you can access ALL frequencies of that energy simply by practice and intent.   Some people feel more confident about using other Reiki styles if they have been attuned; this is perfectly fine, but not essential.
When you have been fully attuned to Reiki you can re-attune yourself to any style of Reiki that you might like to try.  Again, it is not necessary to be attuned - you already are!  But if it makes you feel more confident - why not?
There are many claims made by the originators of many of the new styles, that they are higher, stronger, purer, clearer, or any one of a number of qualities that are deemed desirable of a symbol or system.  To date - no-one has ever shown this to be true, or has ever produced data showing that they can guarantee enlightenment, or cure illness any better with the 'new' Reiki than they could with their 'old' one.  
This is not to say you shouldn't learn any new system if you want to.  Just don't shell out lots of cash on the promise of being a stronger healer!   There are many sites who offer attunements to all kinds of Reikis new and old, try the free teachings first, and if you really feel that you would like to go along to a hands on class, then at least you won't be going in with unrealistic expectations.
Most of the new systems offer more symbols, some claiming that they have found all of the original Usui Symbols (at a price!)   Since we know that Dr Usui only used the symbols available to him for some of his slower students, and that they symbols have no intrinsic power - why pay through the nose for them?  You will find most of them on the internet - try them first and see if you start producing instant cures!
None of the new Reikis (as far as I know) is a self empowerment system.  Since they do not contain the principles that Dr Usui made the central point of his Reiki, I suspect that they are useful for those people who practice Reiki professionally.  You have more systems to offer clients and more certificates to pin on your wall.  This is always a bonus for a New Age Therapist - helps clients to take you more seriously.
If you are interested in Reiki purely as a personal development system - then you need not concern yourself with the Reiki Supermarket,  regular Reiki with it's principles and self healing techniques and meditation contains ALL of the energy, and is all you will ever need for yourself, friends, and family.