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International Free Reiki Federation
IRF - Indonesia


IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Please read before consulting list of teachers
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Registered Members

Handriatno Waseso teaches Reiki in Jakarta, Indonesia.  You can contact Handriatno on email
or join his Reiki Yahoo group - website url:
where he offers Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki, Moment Reiki, Sufi Reiki, Mehilainen Reiki
Hands on classes - class fee Rp 100.000/10 sessions/person, or 10 USD. Attunements will be given for free
Dwi Supriona teaches Reiki in Indonesia.  Contact for class details
 Welli Witana teaches Reiki classes in Indonesia.  Classes cost usd 20 or Rp.200,000 (two hundred rupiahs) Teaching Usui Tibetan,Kundalini Reiki,Karuna Reiki,Gtumo. Class address : Wisma Sarinah Jln.Majapahit No.8 (Harmoni) Lt.Dasar. Welli has also opened a  bookstore called Chakra Jiva Vardhani that stocks meditation tools.
L.Yusuf Indrajaya, teaches Kundalini, Usui, and Tibetan Reiki FREE of charge in Jakarta contact him for more details on
Iskandar teaches Reiki In Jakarta.  class prices are IDR 350.000 contact
Niki Ramadanu Wardhame SE. Indonesia Reiki classes prices ranging from $25 to $150 US contact niki mailto:niki hawk@yahoo,com for more details
Itsar teaches a variety of Reiki styles for free in East Java. contact: