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International Free Reiki Federation


IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Please read before consulting list of teachers
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Registered Members

Connecticut, USA 
Nicole Gerace RT, offers classes locally - contact her on - also Free distant attunements via
Dave Fulton teaches Reiki in Sarasota
contact him on for details
Shawn Erwin teaches Reiki 1 freely, and levels 2 and 3 when some conditions have been satisfied.  Contact for more details.
Linda Horton Reiki Teacher.  Website contact her on
Contact for details of Reiki/Seichem classes in Oklahoma.  Class prices are on a sliding scale depending on circumstances.  $50 is average.
Robert Cameron, Salem, Mass., gives Reiki attunements free, manuals are charged at cost.  contact him on 
Rev. Kathleen M. Horak, Boston. Ma.
Usui and Shamballa Reiki
Rev. Kim Jackson teaches Shiki Ryoho, Traditional, Karuna and Sekhem in Florence Kentucky costs: Traditional Classes are $55.00 per session plus $15.00 for manual and certificate.  There is a set of 3 class sessions broken down into two classes each, the second half of the class you will be doing hands on with the Reiki attunements. Advance Reiki is $100.00 plus $20.00 manual and cert. Contact for prices on advanced Reiki classes.


Jed Schlackman in Florida teaches Reiki + metaphysical techniques. costs are $50 per level


Dr Corey Blake teaches Usui/Tibetan Reiki

West Palm Beach

Jennifer & Rob Jodoin website  Various styles of Reiki - $75 per class


TJ Rauschmier, Phoenix, at teaches Usui Reiki costs $45


Rev. Kourtnie James, at  website Usui/Seichem - love offerings accepted



Martha Murdaca Usui/Karuna Ki costs are nominal



Patricia Schafer, Defiance, at

Reiki 1,2,ART,and 3 $125 - $200


Sabrina Witt, NY, at teaches Usui and Seichem Reiki costs are Usui..1,2,3 $150 and Karuna Ki 1,2,and 3 $350


New Mexico

Julia Marie Campbell at  website costs are R1 & 2 combined $50 level 3 $75

Rev Edward Scott teaches Usui Reiki in Ohio. Attunements are auctioned on e-bay! Reiki level one is free, bidding for other levels starts at reasonable prices.  No-one is turned away if they cannot afford to pay.  contac:

Daisy Branski teaches Reiki in New York. Usui levels 1&2 combined is $100. contact:


H. Melissa Wilcher teaches Reiki in MS (Massachussets?) Donations only which can be cash, services, goods, or even a hearfelt thanks if that's what you can afford!  contact:

Shanti Johnson teaches Reiki and Karuna Ki in Florida contact

Wanda H. Shibles teaches Reiki/Chios in Maine (small charge or barter) contact:

Kimberly Frost teaches Reiki/Karuna Ki/ Lightarian (tm) Reiki in New Jersey. Costs are Usui Reiki - $100, Karuna Ki - $25 and Lightarian $175. contact:

Vanessa Saunders teaches in GA. costs are $35 for levels 1 & 2 and $50 for level 3 contact:

Diana R. Hartley teaches Reiki in Delaware. All attunements are $60 each and Diane stein's Essential Reiki Book is included in the cost of the first attunement.  contact: