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International Free Reiki Federation
Registered Members


IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Please read before consulting list of teachers
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IRF - Russia
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IRF - Indonesia
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Registered Members

Page is updated irregularly!  If your name does not appear
here and you have received your membership acceptance notification - please just be patient.  I will get round to it eventually.

*Please note that as a 'control free' organisation the IRF does NOT set prices for our members, neither do we tell them how to teach or what to teach.  If you are unhappy with the costs that any of our listed members charge, feel free not to go to that person!  Ideas of 'low cost' are relative, what is dirt cheap in one country may well be exorbitant in another.  We do not intend to try to control this.....just vote with your feet and go somewhere else.  Students attract the teachers they need and vice versa**

Sile MacDougall, Scotland
Karen Brown, Australia,
Jim Johnson, USA,
Nicole Gerace, USA
Tallie Miller USA
Sigit Setiawan Indonesia
Edwin Yan Brunei
K.R.Kailash UAE
Laura Roedershmier USA
Dwi Supriono Indonesia
Shawn Erwin USA
India Boothman USA
Arturo Jamillo Chile
Marcin Jezefaciuk Poland
Dave Fulton USA
Linda Horton USA
Robert Cameron USA
Welli Witana Indonesia
Rev.K.M Horak USA
Rev. Marcello Gutierraz Argentina
Michael Bogmolsky Israel
Jonah Bensvid Chile
Robyn Le Gris USA
Handriatno Waseso Indonesia
Michal Petrik Czech Republic
Garardo C Mexico
Yvonne James Henderson USA
V.Mann USA
Joao Carvalhas Portugal
Patrick Trevor England
Iris Smith Scotland
J. Lynch Scotland
Diane Christie Scotland
Leen Joseph Belgium
Anja Heff Belgium
Shivian Montar Balais USA
Ahraz Ahmed Atif Pakistan
Vanessa Sanders USA
Niki Ramadahin Indonesia
Iskandar Indonesia
Frances Wartnaby England
William Herring USA
L Yusef Indrajaya Indonesia
Kim Jackson USA
Juliya Jusipova Russia
Balaage Indonesia
Jed Schlackman USA
Graga Raimundo Portugal
Cory Blake USA
Senga Mercer Scotland
Jaynne-Anne Lambert Spain
Nadeem Uddin Pakistan
Adrian Berry England
Rebekah Jardine Alfierie USA
Jennifer Jodoin USA
Rob Jodoin USA
Jean Van Hove Belgium
Catherine Wilson
Karlis Zols USA
Lakhvinder K Pannu Canada
Debbie Evan England
Sonny Barker USA
TJ Rauschmier USA
Omar Antila Finland
Suresh Sekhar India
Beerinder Yogi India
Matthew Brown
Kourtnie James USA
Martha Murdaca USA
Yvonne Allred USA
Patricia Schafer USA
Sabrina Witt USA
Abdul Khalib Mohamad Malaysia
Liam Richards New Zealand
Julia Marie Campbell USA
Bryce Griffiths Canada
Lisa Durling Canada
Dan Yon USA
Stefanie Rapatt Germany
Estelle Manni UK
Edward Scott, Ohio
Daisy Branski, New York
Allan White, Victoria
H. Melissa Wilcher, MS
Rosamund Fitzpatrick, Durham
Rebecca D. Doolin, Illinois
Diane R. Hartley, Delaware
Ssshanti Johnson, Florida
Wanda H Shibles, Maine
Escuela Superieir de Reiki, Buenos Aires
Neeta Saggar, Amritsar
Dez Sellars, Stoke-on-Trent
Vanessa Sanders, GA
Kimberley Frost NJ
Karen Wing, Stockton-onTees
Ashrat Karbelkar, Dubai
Itsar, Indonesia
Matile Galvan, Mexico
Nicholas Sinclair , Wickford
Christina Sinclair, Wickford

If you know of someone who wishes to join IRF but does not have internet access, please tell them to send their name, address, types of Reiki taught (contact details for prospective students) and class prices to
Shiel Cottage,
AB33 8NU
If they can enclose payment to cover
postage and printing I will send membership
notification by snail mail.
UK $1.50
USA $2.50
Other countries..... could you just guess the amount?